How To Clean a Mower Muffler

How To Clean a Lawn Mower Muffler

If you are one person who loves having a beautiful admirable lawn, then a lawn mower that functions perfectly should be a key tool in order for you to achieve this. In order to ensure that your lawn mower satisfies your desires of having a neat lawn, you need to maintain it the right way by cleaning it regularly by making sure to repair and replace any worn out parts of the lawn mower.

Just like any other tool, a lawn mower has its unique features that must be considered when undertaking the cleaning process. Therefore it is very important that you have the correct knowledge necessary to ensure the cleaning is done safely and efficiently enough. This is important especially if you own an electric lawn mower. Therefore, you need to be cautious when dealing with an electric lawn mower to avoid electrocution without warning. Therefore, before you begin the cleaning process ensure that your lawnmower is not connected to the power socket. Make sure that you move the lawn mower to an open space where you are least likely to encounter interference from other items around you.

Although cleaning the lawn mower wholly is what is required and necessary, the purpose of this article is to aid you in cleaning the lawn mower muffler. The muffler is an essential part of any small engine around us. Small engines are those that run equipment that we use in our daily activities when maintaining our homes. The mufflers play the vital role of reducing the noise from the small engine to manageable levels by muffling the sound that the exhaust emits while passing through the system. Cleaning the muffler on your lawn mower will not only lengthen the life of the mower but will also keep your ears and those of who are around you happy.

How To Clean a Lawn Mower Muffler

Before you start cleaning the lawn mower muffler, you require to have the necessary tools that will help make your work easier. You require having screw drivers that will help you unscrew the parts so that you can get to the muffler. However, the screw drivers may not be that necessary because the muffler is usually very accessible and visible even without opening up your mower. It is also necessary that you have the necessary gloves for your safety’s sake. Gloves will help keep your hands protected from cuts and bruises brought about by the sharp metal of the lawn mower. You need a plastic scraper or a rug that will aid you in cleaning the muffler. It is also necessary that you have a carburetor cleaner that will help you ensure that you have cleaned the muffler thoroughly. Once you have ensured that you have the right tools, follow the steps below and clean the muffler.

You first need to locate the muffler on your lawn mower. The muffler on most small engines such as the lawn mower is found and the end of the exhaust line and is usually easily accessible. The muffler is where the exhaust comes out of the engine when the engine is running and thus you should be able to see the fumes and feel the air at the muffler.
Knock off or scrape any noticeable debris on the outer part of the muffler using a plastic scraper. A plastic scraper ensures that you do not scratch the muffler and cause further damage to it. Most lawn mower mufflers tend to have a guard on them that usually get grimy and needs to be regularly cleaned. You can use a scraper or rag to clean the grime off the guard.
The third step requires you to be very cautious because you need to remove the muffler. This is where your manual comes in handy because it will assist you to remove the muffler appropriately. Once you have removed the muffler, clean it thoroughly using a carburetor cleaner and leave it out to dry before you reattach it.
In case of tougher dirt buildup, ensure that you soak the muffler in diluted bleach solution overnight. The following day you just need to rinse the muffler thoroughly and after drying up, you can reattach it.

In case there is some debris that you are not able to reach use a can of compressed air to blow it away.
Finally ensure that you keep the rest of the lawn mower well serviced, because this is the best way to keep the muffler clean. If you keep seeing constant buildup on your muffler or smoke, this could indicate a bigger problem and you need assistance from a professional.

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